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Hilot Therapy
Available to Forest Club Guests
Team Building Activities
Here's an exciting alternative to the usual company outings!
Our Origins
Within only three years, what used to be a rice field became a burgeoning forest.
We offer cool and comfortable rooms, cottages and family suites at the Forest Club.

An Inherited Nature Sanctuary

When my late father Tony Mercado was developing the Forest Club from raw land in 1992, I could not quite appreciate what he was doing. I did not know why he spent so much money planting trees that did not bear fruit. While most people I knew who wanted a weekend farm house developed fruit tree orchards, my father focused on planting indigenous forest tree species, explaining that he wanted to re-create the forest of his youth. I thought that it was simply expensive landscaping.

Inspiration for the Body, Mind and Soul

Here's an ideal "quick weekend getaway" scenario. You wake up to the sweet songs of birds and the soft morning breeze that's crisp with the aroma of earth, leaves and flowers. Then you and your loved ones share a sumptuous breakfast of fresh fruits in season, a healthy cup of tea, freshly-baked bread or fiber-rich cereal topped with honey and more sweet fruits. And to achieve that healthy flush, you later engage in a game of basketball, tennis or badminton.

To Renewing Workplace Harmony

A bestseller book about “how little things can make a big difference” talks of the importance of the number 150 in reference to the theory that for a company to achieve its goals, each individual

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