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Team Building Activities
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Our Origins
Within only three years, what used to be a rice field became a burgeoning forest.
We offer cool and comfortable rooms, cottages and family suites at the Forest Club.

Banahaw View Deck

Mom fondly recalls how our late father, Tony Mercado, used to wake up early in the morning, walk to the lagoon area, and just sit there gazing at majestic Mt. Banahaw, while on his morning prayer meditation. Dad loved this area of the Forest Club and dreamed of one day building a house by the lagoon, facing Mt. Banahaw. I am convinced that it is the view from here that convinced him to buy this property. I remember that when the property was new and still being developed, he bought a giant hand-made kite from a local kite maker along the national highway in

Recent Improvements at Forest Club

The rainy season is our traditional low season, with guests occupying our cottages only on weekends, leaving most weekdays free. But we are taking full advantage of this season to continually improve our facilities. Just this week, we have started and completed the installation of new tiles on our dining room floor. Using new generation tile adhesives, installation was relatively quick and easy, eliminating the need to roughen up the cement surface before installing the tiles.We have also installed new lights to brighten up the buffet areas of the dining hall,

Back to School, Back to Forest Club

Now that the rains have stopped, schools are flocking once again to Forest Club for their field trips, seminars and team building activities. Eighty high school students and twelve teachers from Westfields International School in Angeles, Pampanga travelled all the way to Forest Club for an overnight team building activity last 19-20 August 2009. (Click here to view photos of the event) The following day, more than 120 college students from the Physics Department of DLSU also had their team building activity in Forest Club.

BPOs Continue to Call

The Forest Club continues to be blessed with repeat visits from a number of companies in the BPO industry. Big players in the industry regularly send groups to Forest Club for team building and bonding sessions. Some stay for the day, some stay overnight. All have a great time with the Eco Adventure Program. Recent bookings include groups from Shell Shared Services (18 July 2009), eTelecare (12 May and 28 May 2009), Accenture (27 June and 15 August 2009) and KGB Philippines (17 August 2009).

Visitors from Subic

Forest Club was chosen as the team building venue for the activities of two separate departments of the Subic Bay Management Authority. The first to make the more than two hundred kilometer trip to Forest Club were 42 staff members from the office of the Deputy Administrator for PWSTG last 10 June 2009. This was followed by another 32 employees from the SBMA Ecology Center last 6 August 2009.

P&G at FC: Not Once, But Twice!

Proctor and Gamble Cabuyao Plant chose the Forest Club as the team building venue for two separate activities. Eighty-eight employees came on 31 July while another thirty-five followed a week later on 6 August. Both groups enjoyed a whole day of activities that included several modules of the Eco Adventure Program. To view more photos of the events, kindly visit our multiply site.

Faculty Team Building

Fifty teachers from Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College in Novaliches, Quezon City participated in team building activities in Forest Club last 1 August 2009. Most of the activities were taken from Forest Club's own Eco Adventure Program. The activity was organized by Yaw Chin Tours. To view more photos of the event, please visit our multiply site.

High School Org Names Itself After Us

I stumbled upon this video on You Tube. The Forest Club of St. Scholastica's Manila is a regular client. As stated in the school web site, it is "a club composed of Scholasticans aged 13-16 years old who love and respect nature especially the Forest.  They must believe that they have a Responsibility towards the protection and conservation of the environment especially our Forest." What I didn't know is that the club was named after us!  

Summer Means Company Outings

Forest Club was once again a favorite venue for company outings this summer. Among our new clients this summer were Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Globe Telecom, FIladam Pharma, Nitro Asia, Luxure Properties, Land Net PMI, West of Ayala Condominium, Cosmotech, Tangent Solutions, Pycor Inc, Philippine Rice Research Institute and Magnificat Ventures.    

Summer Means Youth Camps

It was summer time once again and Forest Club played host to several camps for youth groups. First was the Children and Migration Youth Workshop organized by Asia Acts last 4 to 6 April 2009. It was a workshop specifically designed for children of Overseas Filipino Workers. Asia Acts or Asia Against Child Trafficking is a regional organization based in the Philippines whose goal is to empower communities to take proactive measures to protect children.

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