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We were brought to Bai, Laguna one day for an ocular inspection of a
possible field trip venue for our students. The place was Forest Club.

I should not wonder. Laguna is known for Mt. Makiling, which is a forest
sanctuary. But Bai is not that really forested. When we reached the
place, it was as if we were entering Fern Gully. A big green gate
welcomed us. When it was opened, all I could say was WOW!

The place reminded me of my former childhood playground. I grew up near a
forested place. In fact, our house then was at the foot of a hill.
Facing our house was a range of great mountains which were just a few
steps away. In 15 to 20 minutes, you are in the thick of the forest.

Along the crevices of the forest ran brooks and creeks. My brother and I
would often go to the creek after our dismissal in the afternoon and
would bring home basinful of big padaw or udang to
the delight of our mother. How did we do it? We would catch them just
by our hands by wading into the crevices of boulders and rocks. There
were plenty to catch. We could see them swimming or hiding underneath
the rocks. It was an enjoyable sight.

The forest gave us beautiful sights of nature. Birds would sing their hearts out. There were big kalaws, agile green bullilising, white-dotted martines, noisy salaksak, and many more exotic birds whose local names I don't remember anymore.

The Forest Club reminded me of those memories. But there's a difference.
The Forest Club is a man-made forest. The place used to be ricefield.
The owner developed it into a forest in a span of only 9 years. The
trees were already big when they were planted in the site. But it was a
rapid development because one would not even know it just used to be a
rice field.

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