Recent Improvements at Forest Club


The rainy season is our traditional low season, with guests occupying our cottages only on weekends, leaving most weekdays free. But we are taking full advantage of this season to continually improve our facilities. Just this week, we have started and completed the installation of new tiles on our dining room floor. Using new generation tile adhesives, installation was relatively quick and easy, eliminating the need to roughen up the cement surface before installing the tiles.
We have also installed new lights to brighten up the buffet areas of the dining hall, and a new televisionand DVD system. All these in an effort to make the stay of our guests a little bit more pleasant.
Our resident handymen Tasyo and Leo took the lead in the tile work, while the rest of the staff helped out.
We have also just completed paving out new walkways that lead to the Narra and Molave Cottages, Apitong and Bagtikan Rooms, the kitchen and the dining hall.
Because it has been raining non-stop practically all year ound, we found it necessary to build these walkways to keep our guests' feet free from mud when they walk into the dining hall and into their rooms. We have purposely built our walkways using loose gravel, in order to make sure that the rain water will continue to seep into the ground and nurture our thousands of plants and trees at the Forest Club.

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