Banahaw View Deck


Mom fondly recalls how our late father, Tony Mercado, used to wake up
early in the morning, walk to the lagoon area, and just sit there
gazing at majestic Mt. Banahaw, while on his morning prayer meditation.

loved this area of the Forest Club and dreamed of one day building a
house by the lagoon, facing Mt. Banahaw. I am convinced that it is the
view from here that convinced him to buy this property. I remember that
when the property was new and still being developed, he bought a giant
hand-made kite from a local kite maker along the national highway in
Bay. He had the kite flown very high, perhaps as high as the jet
streams, until it caught a steady wind. Then he had the string tied to
a well secured anchor on the ground, and in this way, he would have the
kite flying day and night non-stop for several weeks. This, he said,
was his way of identifying his property from many miles away. Once he
spotted his kite, then he knew he was near his forest.

I have
spent many early mornings myself in this area, gazing at the pink
flowers of the water lilies, which bloom wide open at dawn and stay
open only until 9am. I also admire the colors and listen to the songs
of wild birds feeding in the morning. There were months when I would
always see a white bird in the area, smaller than a dove. It would hang
around the vicinity of the lagoon, unafraid of me. Seeing that bird
would console me, and remind me of my late father. It was like his
spirit letting me know that he continues to watch over me.

we had religious sisters as guests, from the St. Scholastica community
in Pampangga. They gathered at 6AM to sing their morning lauds at the
lagoon. They sang melodic praise songs in soprano voices. Not wanting
to disturb them, I stood at some distance, joining them quietly in
prayer. Then I witnessed something quite miraculous. Birds started
flying around the singing sisters, joining them in singing, singing
praises to Father God. What a blessing indeed!

In celebration of
this holy place, and as a gift to our beloved mother, we have created a
Banahaw view deck at the lagoon area. It is a place of prayer, worship
and meditation. Best visited in the early morning or late afternoon,
where you can sit and marvel not just at Mount Banahaw, but at the many
gifts that our Father God has blessed all of us with.

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