Youth Camp for Children of Migrant Workers

Close to forty participants joined the Youth Camp for Children of Migrant Workers held in the Forest Club last April 4 to 6, 2009.The first of its kind camp was organized by Asia Against Child Trafficking (Asia ACTs) with the help of the International Labour Organization and Save the Children UK.

Designed specifically for children of Overseas Filipino Workers, the camp's aim was to help the children better understand and cope with their situation.

In a recent blog entry, verabear describes the camp:

"The weekend was a bit emotional for some of the children, but it was mostly fun for them. They got to build new friendships, learned about their inherent rights, and also gained a new perspective of their situation.  They also got to be a little adventurous with the canopy walk, two-rope bridge, log crossing, and the famous (and stinky) mud crawl!"


To see the original blog and to view more photos of the event, please visit: verabear's site

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