Hilot Therapy

Hilot is an ancient indigenous Filipino healing art. It is not just a massage technique. Hilot has similarities with other types of healing practices such as acupuncture, aromatherapy and even Western medicine. Unlike the other types of massages, hilot not only relieves stress but also has “a rejuvenating, healing effect” on the patient or client. Hilot relies on natural ingredients and the belief that the body has enough resources to heal itself. Doctors call this immunotherapy.

A good hilot would know the type of ailment his client is suffering from just by looking at him and sensing his energy. He can tell if the elements in one’s body—fire, water, earth and air—are in harmony. Fire refers to the body’s electric impulses; water, the blood; the earth, bone and flesh; while air corresponds to the air that one breathes. If these are not in balance, the sickness will persist. To correct the imbalance in the patient’s energy that leads to a distorted metabolism, a healer would have to give the patient a massage. The hilot massage manipulates the body’s electrical charges to create the desired biochemical reactions that help the body heal itself.

Our hilot therapists are professionally trained by the Hilot Pinoy Foundation.

1. Your hilot session is best scheduled after a dip in our mineral hot spring pool. The warm bath helps in the healing process.
2. Schedule your hilot session at least an hour after a heavy meal
3. Clients are advised to avoid getting wet 4 hours after a hilot session

P375 – 1 hour hilot treatment
• P750 - 2 hour hilot treatment

Please call or text Tita Nita Manalo at 0939-342-4056 to arrange your hilot appointment.

Kindly give us a two hour advanced notice when you make your appointment.

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