A Unique Birthday Celebration

Abigail Yabot organized a unique birthday party for her son Tristan's 13th birthday last June 2, 2008 at the Forest Club.

Here is her e-mailed account and pictues of the event.


Tristan enters teenhood in The Forest Club

Tristan, 2nd of 4 siblings, celebrates his 13th birthday through a teen camp with his friends at The Forest Club.

Having an adventurous and easy going personality, his parents thought that this would be the best and most memorable way to celebrate his entry to teenhood.


With his 22 friends, they did the Eco Adventure Program.

Upon arrival, they were handed a souvenir shoe bag which contained a cap of their team color - surprise! Many fell down in the log cross and bamboo rafting activities but was still game and having fun.




They became even dirtier as they did the spider web and the mud crawl. But they had the most fun in the pool area where they enjoyed their last few days of summer.

The winning team won MP4s while the others got a rechargeable flashlight (with an "I Survived Tristan's Teen Camp" sticker). Everybody also got an audio CD of Tristan's favorite songs with each of their action shots during the camp.


Everyone truly had a great time and Tristan will always remember how we celebrated his entry to teenhood.

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