Southridge Father and Son Activity

Last Saturday, 23 February 2008, we hosted 19 pairs of Southridge Grade 7 fathers and sons for a whole day of outdoor activities.

For three years now, we have been offering unique outdoor games in Forest Club to both schools and companies as an alternative to the usual field trips and team building exercises. Last Saturday was the first time we used the activities for a father son bonding session. Here's feedback from the father coordinator:

Thank you very much for being our gracious host. The resort was beautiful, the staff was very accomodating, the food was delectable. We truly had a surpisingly great time---I thought the kids would not enjoy so much since this is their second time to visit Forest Club (more importantly, I had the feeling they think they're already too big to be playing in the mud), but apparently they did. Probably it was because they saw that their fathers took the time to be with them, were also willing to kick off their shoes and take off their shirts, run in the mud and get dunked in the lake just like them. I think that is what made it very special and memorable to our boys.
To view more photos of the activity, kindly visit our multiply site.

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