Beacon School Science Field Trip

Despite the intermittent showers and the wet surroundings, 37 Grade 6 students from Beacon International School visited Forest Club last 21 February 2008 for a whole day of fun-filled learning activities.

The field trip was organized by Teacher Trixie who brought her students to Forest Club to help them learn more about their current science studies on seed plants.

The first activity was a short but lively discussion over langka and banana turon, kamote-que and fresh buko juice on the rich bio-diversity of the Philippines, the current state of deforestation and the urgent need to plant trees in order to help protect the country's dying flora and fauna.

The Forest Club staff was pleasantly surprised not only with the kids' grasp of current environment issues but more so by their animated commitment to doing their part in saving the earth.

Then came the fun part: the Eco Adventure activities.

The kids enthusiastically participated in games meant not only to be fun but also designed to develop more appreciation for Mother Earth.

log crossing
forest canopy walk

hanging bridge
bamboo rafting


After lunch the students were toured around Forest Club. They were shown the herbal plant gardens, the vermicompost facilities and were also made to plant hardwood trees seedlings. Forest Club will nurture the narra seedlings for the Grade 6 students until these are big enough to be transferred to the Beacon International School campus.



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