Commune with people and nature amidst the natural features of our sprawling grounds.

  • Flower Garden

    The Forest Club is home to many flower shrubs including the Centennial Gumamela (new hybrid in spectacular colors developed to mark the centennial of the republic in 1998)
  • Palm Garden

    The Forest Club is home to many varieties of palm trees. Among these are the Bismarck, Pacific, Alexander, Madagascar, Mac Arthur, champagne, foxtail, oil, date, spindle, bottle brush, princess, red, golden, and the rare lastellana.
  • Forest Garden

      The Forest Club is home to many rare Philippine hardwood trees. Forest Club's trees include kamagong, molave, guijo, ipil, bitaog, mahogany, and narra; flowering trees such as caballero, saracca, Palawan cherry, ilang ilang, and white santan; backyard trees found in traditional Filipino homes such as rimas, kamias, langka, aratiles, guyabano, papaya, kamansi, and bayabas; and some newly introduced trees like neem and acacia crassicarpa, a fast growing hard wood.
  • Medicinal Herb Garden

    The Forest Club grows medicinal herbs and plants. Some of these are Kutsai, Lemon basil, Ransam, Serpentina, Thai Basil, Sambong, Takip kuhol (goto cola), Aloe vera (Sabila), Bayabas-bayabasan (Acapulco) and Oregano
  • Garden Sculptures

    All-weather Garden Sculptures, individually hand carved by Laguna artists from Pagsanjan river stones.

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