The Forest Club Eco Resort is an accessible and ideal venue for outdoor team building activities, seminars, workshops and conferences, company outings, family gatherings and spiritual retreats.

  • Team Building Activities

    The Forest Club offers a wide menu of outdoor team building activities that clients can choose from. Guests are free to participate in all or just some of the games listed. Game marshals will be there to serve as guides to the games as well as to ensure the safety of the participants. View our rates for team building activities.
  • An Ideal Meeting Venue

    The Forest Club has complete facilities for corporate and professional development activities, such as workshops, seminars and conferences.Our air-conditioned conference room can accommodate up to 60 participants. We also have several sitting areas along the open field and four pool huts for break up groups.Free wi-fi is available in the conference room,
  • A Venue for Spiritual Activities

    From it's modest beginnings as a family weekend farm, Forest Club has evolved to become a favorite venue for retreats, recollections, and similar spiritually oriented activities of various religious communities.Regular clients include the Benedictine Sisters of the St. Scholastica Schools, the RVM Sisters of the St. Mary's Schools, the Sisters of Siervas de San Jose, the SVD Fathers of San Carlos University, the Vincentian Fathers of Adamson University, and the Jesuits of the Ateneo.
  • A Quiet Getaway for Families

    Looking for a quiet and relaxing vacation with your family or friends? The Forest Club is open to individuals and families in search of an accessible getaway. The club offers guests a rare treat they will surely appreciate: a quiet that relaxes, secluded privacy, pleasant exclusivity.
  • Hilot Therapy

    Hilot is an ancient indigenous Filipino healing art. It is not just a massage technique. Hilot has similarities with other types of healing practices such as acupuncture, aromatherapy and even Western medicine. Unlike the other types of massages, hilot not only relieves stress but also has “a rejuvenating, healing effect” on the patient or client.

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